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Monday - Sunday
9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
2632 Alki Ave S
Seattle, WA 98116
T (206) 932-5714

Saigon Boat Cafe (Seattle, WA)
(206) 932-5714
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Saigon Boat Cafe is a Vietnamese restaurant in Seattle, WA. The restaurant is on Alki Beach in West Seattle.
Our Recommendations
Appetizers > Fresh Spring Roll ***** (1) Rate/Review
Two salad rolls filled with prawn, pork, rice vermicelli, green lettuce, mint, bean sprouts, cucumber, pickle carrot & white radish. Served with peanut sauce.
Vietnamese Sandwiches > Saigon Boat Sandwich ***** (1) Rate/Review
French bread with Vietnamese pork hams and pate pate
Rice Dishes > Grilled Chicken  Rate/Review
Vermicelli > Grilled Pork and Egg Roll  Rate/Review
Saigon Boat Noodle Soup > Seafood Noodle Soup  Rate/Review
Rice vermicelli in seafood spicy and sour broth with beef, shrimp, fried fish ball, squid ball and crab meat.
Saigon Boat Noodle Soup > Fried Chicken Egg Noodle ***** (1) Rate/Review
Egg noodle in chicken broth with selection of fried chicken, baby bok choy, bean sprout and chive.
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